Creation Rejoice to the Creator

One morning as I tried to open my eyes from an extended sleep, I heard some busy chirping of birds from our window.  I smiled at the sound of their music and had peeped to see how many were singing.  Since I could not sing along with them and eventually disturbed their concerto, that I just made my own work of art.  I sang my heart out through my pen and paper.  I wrote this short poem in relation to the rejoicing of the birds I was hearing.  That morning, I realized how wonderful it is to rejoice and to let the Creator know that we are celebrating his magnificent works each sunrise and sundown no matter what the day had brought us; either it inspired or failed us.  Let me share with you the poem I wrote.

Let heaven and earth rejoice to the Lord,
Let all creation sing,
“Holy, holy is the Lord!”
Let all living creatures shout for joy,
And let us sing–
“Glory to the Mighty King!”

Let the birds and the beasts
Sing a symphony,
Offering themselves to Thee,
Let the trees and the flowers
Dance with grace,
Let us sing His praises;

Let all the fishes in the rivers,
Oceans, and seas
Join the choir,
Let their gills clap to the tune and harmony,
And their mouth open with awe,
Let us sing “Hosanna to the Lord!”

Let the angels of the Lord
Blow their trumpets high,
Let them please the Lord,
Their King and Beloved
With their music;

Oh let our tongue
Praise the name of the Lord our God,
Let us thank the Shepherd of men
And the Master of heaven,
Let us rejoice
To the Mighty King of kings! Amen.


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