Getting Ahead of New Year

Christmas is over. Gone to church to pray and to offer thanks to God. Christmas presents were disbursed, some remain for display purposes for the New Year's Eve Party. Celebration was great. Now New Year is not only around the corner but already knocking on the door. The end of the year is inevitable.  A second list for food preparation is ready for buying. Everything seems nice and good. But what else could have been wrong? What else must have been done?

After a day or two of merrymaking, my heart is back to its gloomy state.  I know some called it post-Christmas blues, but I doubt it. I know there must be something else.

I started to worry about the coming year, what to expect or not to expect. I try to plan ahead, try to see some fated events, struggle to be positive than pessimistic.  I get something into my nerves to prepare myself from bad or good.  Like a combatant I train myself to bend, to bear, to stand, to lunge or to drop. I get ahead.

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