Jog or Walk

What is the best jogging or brisk walking? I always hear that brisk walking is better than jogging but I think that jogging gets more result than brisk walking. I've been into jogging, brisk walking, and biking lately and I find them all good.

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  1. Mom-Nest

    Double ditto. I preferr brisk walking, I find I can go further and not tire or wear out my knee pads, which can occur later on. I also enjoy coming home and alternating with putting on 60 – 70’s tunes and rock on for about a half hour. I believe they call it Zumba at the gyms. FYI…great topic, thanks. Mama C

    August 23, 2012
  2. brainstormer

    I often feel the desire to jog or run, but I don’t think I have the endurance for it. I prefer the brisk walk. I feel like the Flash when I go walking:P And, for many astrologically, walking is safer than running. Running runs the risk of stepping on something hazardous more often than walking alone. You can steady yourself easier walking than running.

    August 23, 2012