My Kindred Spirit

We shared not only laughter but tears,

We had so much in common

We thought we were born as one.


Identical in many things like mannerism,

Though not in looks or appearance,

Yet we outnumbered the twins.


The secret of one was a private matter to none,

We held each other in highest confidence,

A secret was treated like a priceless figurine.


I relied on you to keep my clandestine,

In parallel you had put yours in mine,

We fixed our trust in each other like door hinge.


Ours was a relationship joined by common concerns,

Knotted together by mutual fondness and affection,

Linked with colorful chains of shared dreams and aspirations.


Serendipitously guided through by our childish intuition,

Driven by smooth parenthood persuasion,

Inspired with our common friends’ conviction.


No doubt, in you I mirrored myself,

My point of view and my philosophies,

Counting even my insecurities and weaknesses.


 So today as I remember you by chance,

In this transitory moment I happen to seize,

If you’re still alive I hope you are fine.


May blissful joy and peace

Reign in your heart and mind,

Despite the chaotic atmosphere of here, there and now.


May endless stream of hope

Finds your way wherever you are,

To always unlock the auspicious door of luck.

May the inspiring light sparks even in the dark.


These are the things I wish for you,

It goes with a little prayer also,

A longing sigh and a forlorn groan too.


In this moment of remembering —

In this pensive hiatus I am in,

I reminisce nothing but our special something.


Things like we had shared that never fade,

Our long time friendship of yesteryears,

A kinship stood against all calamities.


Through ups and downs of our childish moods,

The hate and like stage as we moved forward,

We often clashed and sometimes turned cold.


Yet through it all we remained close,

Unwavering until the end of our road,

Oh kindred spirit of my childhood.

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  1. tellierific

    A poem for my special childhood friend, also posted on poetry site.

    August 29, 2011