Sabbatical Period

I used to wish before,

To have a little time alone,

Just to be me inside my room,

To be laid-back and be cool,

And to have fun in seclusion,


It was a frequent hope,

Often times when hardships blow,

I would think of a long pause,

For sure to escape and break off,

And be in a state of stupor;


I wanted to shrink or shirk,

Or to get away from my universe,

From my stressful work space,

Or even from my personal problems,

That choked my neck to death;


But the wheel of life veered off,

To a more interesting road,

Lately I thought it would be good,

To make the most of my time

That is gold;


But it’s too late now

To change that hope,

I’m now here at this point,

Restless or languorous,

I don’t know what it holds.


It’s a shame to ever slope,

Toward that careless viewpoint,

Today I realized it’s a wasteful thought,

To flight from reality and truth,

Either it’s in accord or in paradox;


I’ve learned that an interlude,

Is for a reflective mood,

To analyze the cause

And of course the result,

And whatever is involved,

While in function and purpose;


To know the right move,

A sensible action to execute,

So at this point I valued,

The sense of life though ambiguous,

But obvious with complexities and troubles;


I understand today,

That the human dignity,

Is in the toil and effort daily,

To endure and survive actuality,

Of human’s life’s difficulty.

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  1. tellierific

    Escapism is equal to wasting opportunities.

    August 29, 2011